IMA Square Bill

IMA Square Bill

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  • IMA Square Bill - barred black back chartreuse (161)

    Barred Black Back Chartreuse (161)

  • IMA Square Bill - bluegill (103)

    Bluegill (103)

  • IMA Square Bill - chartreuse shad (104)

    Chartreuse Shad (104)

  • IMA Square Bill - citrus shad (159)

    Citrus Shad (159)

  • IMA Square Bill - hot craw (121)

    Hot Craw (121)

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The IMA Square Bill can get the job done for 3 or 4 other baits because it is so versatile.  Some square bills are good when burned and others when waked or twitched, while others do well when deflecting off of cover in open water.  The IMA Square Bill can match all of these methods equally as well... it really has no weakness.  Elite angler Bill Lowen likes to mix up all 4 methods up on a single retrieve.  Its stubby rounded body produces an earth-shaking wobble and hunting action on a straight medium retrieve.  This bait fishes 0-3 feet in depth and can be controlled easily with retrieve speed, twitching and line diameter.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Hot Craw (121) 2
Bluegill (103) 3
Chartreuse Shad (104) 3
Citrus Shad (159) 2
Barred Black Back Chart (161) 3