Ima Roumba Wake Bait

Ima Roumba Wake Bait

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The Ima Roumba Wake Bait is a unique bait that creates a natural wake by “wobbling” side to side along the water’s surface while producing an enticing sound that makes fish bite. This bait is designed to work best when fished over shallow aquatic grass, such as milfoil and hydrilla. It’s also extremely effective around boat docks, lay-downs, brush piles, and standing timber.  The Roumba produces best results when fished with a medium heavy action, 7-foot rod. A monofilament or copolymer, 12-17 lb. test line will help produce the best action. Fish the bait with a slow, steady retrieve. Be sure to keep the rod tip up and get ready for a massive bass explosion!

Techniques - Surface retrieve: Position the rod tip at 11 o'clock with a slow medium retrieve creating a natural wake.  Sub-surface crank: A steady medium retrieve with the rod facing down will allow the Roumba to dive and swim 12-18 inches below the surface.

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