Gambler Ugly Otter

Gambler Ugly Otter

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  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Black Blue Glitter

    Black Blue Glitter

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Blue Grass

    Blue Grass

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Bowen's Silver

    Bowen's Silver

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Green Pumpkin

    Green Pumpkin

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Hurricane Craw

    Hurricane Craw

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Green Pumpkin Jelly

    Green Pumpkin Jelly

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Watermelon Candy

    Watermelon Candy

  • Gambler Ugly Otter - Winter Craw

    Winter Craw

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Gambler's 4" Ugly Otter is a must have for any angler's arsenal. The Ugly Otter is designed with two small paddles on the side and one large paddle on the end. The paddles move through the water creating a commotion that any bass can sense, even in the thickest grass or heaviest wood cover. Any of the paddles of the bait can be cut down the middle or sides to add even more action. The Otter is deadly when punching grass mats because it draws attention in tight spaces. When punching mats, a hard popping action allows the bait to flutter back down though the grass, drawing attention even in the most dense structure. Whether flipping to heavy cover or pitching to isolated targets, the Ugly Otter is a bait that will flat out catch fish. Enhanced with Gambler BITE so fish hold on longer. 7 per bag.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Hurricane Craw 5+
Bowen's Silver 5+
Water Candy 5+
Green Pumpkin 2
Black Blue Glitter 2
Winter Craw 5+
Green Pumpkin Jelly 4
Blue Grass backorder