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Frog bass lures are used for pulling fish out of grassy, mossy water or areas where sticks and other debris have accumulated. Frogs are topwater lures designed to imitate the hopping, skipping motion of a frog. Susquehanna Fishing Tackle stocks a variety of frogs designed to pull in big bass.

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  1. chartreuse

    Southern Lure Scum Frog

    Starting at: $2.99

    The Southern Lure Scum Frog is completely weedless and will effortlessy over and around weedbeds without losing its catching power. Learn More
  2. Snag Proof Wiggle Wog
  3. KVD Sexy Frog

    KVD Sexy Frog

    Starting at: $7.99

  4. Koppers LiveTarget Field Mouse
  5. Snag Proof Ish's Poppin' Phattie
  6. Snag Proof Guntersville Frog

    Snag Proof Guntersville Frog

    Starting at: $8.99

    Born on a lake known for big bass and a great frog bite, the Guntersville Frog wins big for excitement and effectiveness. The anglers fishing frogs on Lake Guntersville have long customized the Snag Proof Tournament Frog by replacing the skirts with rattles. It has definitely worked for them! One of those anglers is B.A.S.S. Elite Series fisherman, Chris Lane. Chris is known for his topwater style and pitched the concept to Snag Proof to make a signature frog bearing the Guntersville name. In this new hollow body frog, the traditional skirts have been eliminated and 2 glass rattles have been added to the thighs. As a result, you get you get fewer short strikes, more weight, more noise and more vibration in a frog already known for explosive results! Snag Proof’s original Tournament Frog body has been outfitted with a Gamakatsu EWG Double Frog Hook. This hook is strong enough to stand up to stout rods and braided line and lots of weeds. The body, produced with American made plastic, is soft and chewy to the fish yet durable enough to withstand catch after catch. The Guntersville Frog is the go-to frog for fisherman looking for the most exciting, explosive frog bite ever! Learn More
  7. Black

    Snag Proof Bass Kicker Frog

    Starting at: $7.49

    Hybrid Buzzbait Frog The new Bass Kicker combines the best qualities of a buzzbait with the fish catching action of a frog! And not just any frog, this one is built on the Pro Series Tournament Frog body and sports premium Owner double hooks and kickin' paddle foot legs. Weighted to stay uprigiht, and balanced, it casts easily. Glass rattles and the buzzbait effect provide unrivaled sound and action. This durable hollow bodied frog lasts longer than solid body frogs and gives you a better hook-set ratio! The Bass Kicker floats at rest and can be fished anywhere, heavy cover and open water. This frog kicks up a commotion and will attract the "kicker" fish needed for success! Learn More
  8. Black

    Jackall Iobee Frog

    Starting at: $12.99

    The "IOBee" Top water Frog is a product with much more performance than existing frog bait. The original weight balance of this frog and the round lengthiness rubber leg create the table turn & splashing action that held the movement distance of the frog in check. This frog has a distinguished hooking by a super soft body and an exclusive custom hook. Silent presentation depends on the soft body of this frog and the combination of a strong action to coil itself round the water tightly. Performance is good for big Bass which do not react to the usual plug. Try not only on the circumference of a cover, but on open water. Learn More
  9. Leopard Frog

    Molix Supernato

    Starting at: $13.99

    The Supernato project came to life to be able use a crankbait in water full of obstacles or dense vegetation. Following the pattern of the extremely buoyant and realistic “Frog Baits”, Molix adapted the original idea with a hybrid and versatile solution. The result is a lure that behaves very well not only on the surface, but also mid column and close to the bottom. Plunged in water, if we apply a gentle pressure on the soft sides, as much liquid flows inside as we need to work at the desired depth. With this simple operation, the Supernato turns into a perfect weedless crankbait, and thanks to the sheltered position of the double hook, will be able to explore new environments under the most diverse variety of retrieve. Supernato easily swaps from insane wobbling to slow creeping on the surface, to Stop & Go, to “suspending” configuration, or smoothly combs the trickiest bottoms. Learn More
  10. Spro Bronzeye Shad

    Spro Bronzeye Shad

    Starting at: $9.99

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