Simms SunGaiter

Simms SunGaiter

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  • Simms SunGaiter - Flow Camo

    Flow Camo

  • Simms SunGaiter - Grey


  • Simms SunGaiter - Hex Camo Boulder

    Hex Camo Boulder

  • Simms SunGaiter - Hex Camo Capri

    Hex Camo Capri

  • Simms SunGaiter - River Rapids Harbor Blue

    River Rapids Harbor Blue

  • Simms SunGaiter - River Rapids Island Green

    River Rapids Island Green

  • Simms SunGaiter - Slate Blue

    Slate Blue

  • Simms SunGaiter - Tidal Camo

    Tidal Camo

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The Simms SunGaiter offers comfort and protection thanks to Solarflex UPF50 quick-dry, breathable stretch fabric. Laser cut breathing holes give added comfort while a long cape provides improved neckline coverage. The back is long enough to fit over the back of your fishing cap, which maximizes protection and helps to hold it in place.

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Flow Camo 1
Grey 1
Hex Camo Boulder backorder
Hex Camo Capri backorder
River Rapids Harbor backorder
River Rapids Island Green 2
Slate Blue backorder
Water Splash Capri 1