TH Marine Hydrowave H2

TH Marine Hydrowave H2

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The TH Marine Hydrowave H2 is an Electronic Feeding Simulator that pros everywhere are using to win tournaments! The H2 improves on the original Hydrowave by offering several upgrades. The H2 has 16 original sound patterns and 5 pre-programmed delay settings from 15 to 120 seconds. The LCD screen has been enlarged to 2.5" to make it easier to use. An easily accessed expansion port allows the addition of even more sounds.

The Hydrowave H2's patented sound-emitting technology imitates the sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities that stimulate the feeding impulses of fish, giving you a much greater chance of drawing a strike.

The Hydrowave H2 also emits Tactile Sound Transmissions. These sounds are amplified and you can not only hear them, you can feel them! Bass clearly hear and feel these sounds as natural baitfish sounds and get set off a feeding frenzy. All of the sounds come pre-programmed, so you don't have to load them after starting up your unit.

The casing of the Hydrowave H2 is 100% water proof and is easily mounted with either a bracket or velcro, which are both included. Mount the speakers on the underside of your trolling motor. Because it is a multi-directional speaker, it doesn't matter which way it is facing when mounted.


16 sound patterns
5 pre-programmed delay options
16-bit CD quality sound
2.5” Liquid Crystal Display
Easy access expansion port for additional sounds
Combined speaker, power cable plug-in

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