Booyah Toadrunner

Booyah Toadrunner

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  • Booyah Toadrunner - Albino Frog

    Albino Frog

  • Booyah Toadrunner - Bluegill


  • Booyah Toadrunner - Bone


  • Booyah Toadrunner - Bullfrog


  • Booyah Toadrunner - Cricket Frog

    Cricket Frog

  • Booyah Toadrunner - Leopard Frog

    Leopard Frog

  • Booyah Toadrunner - Night Train

    Night Train

  • Booyah Toadrunner - Ole Smokey

    Ole Smokey

  • Booyah Toadrunner - Shad Frog

    Shad Frog

  • Booyah Toadrunner - Sunburn


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The Booyah Toadrunner is a step above other frogs thanks to it's incredibly loud, topwater buzzing action. Booyah modified its own Pod Crasher body by adding side rails to help the Toadrunner stay upright. The tail has a loud plopping sound and churning action created by a 360 degree rotating tail. The tail can be bent to change the action due to a molded in wire. This adds a ton of versatility, allowing you to adapt the bait to any condition. The silicone legs help to create a realistic appearance and motion even when paused and stabilize the bait during the retrieve. Each Toadrunner frog comes equipped with a razor sharp double frog hook. This bait is guaranteed to draw intense, powerful strikes!

Product Option Availability Price Qty
Albino Frog 10+
Bluegill 10+
Bone 10+
Bullfrog 10+
Cricket Frog 10+
Leopard Frog 10+
Night Train 10+
Ole Smokey 10+
Shad Frog 10+
Sunburn 10+