Why Buy High End Rods?

By Ed Gardner, SFT Pro-Staff, G-Loomis, Mare April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Recently I had the privilege of fishing the PVA bass tour as a Boat Captain. What an extraordinary event. What makes America the greatest country on earth is it’s willingness to give and volunteer, Entire family’s with teenage kids showed up and did whatever was needed to assist with the event. This country may have finally learned from history , and is paying it’s dept of Honor to it’s veterans. Being an ex Paratrooper I can tell you it’s a calling and only ask to not be forgotten.

Rods… Why buy high end rods is the subject of this blog, and for the purpose of this article I’m talking about Flipping , pitching and spinning rods and any technique that requires you to pull the trigger.  GLoomis IMX and GLX are by far the most sensitive rods you can buy that are readily accessible, a major factor in rod purchase. My Flipping, pitching and spinning rods are very personal items. When I’m standing on point on my Z21 Ranger, GLoomis in hand, I’m ready. You can actually feel the pressure wave of a fish moving toward your bait. Fish today are so educated that they won’t hold your bait long, using scent is critical, or worse yet are barnacles. With IMX or GLX you will detect and hit before they spit your bait or bury up in structure. Once that happens it’s all over, even 20 pound Gamma Edge can’t withstand the barnacles. Back in 91’ when the Classic was on the bay a lot of Pro’s were complaining, and other than the Chester River there were not many places with them. Now  there isn’t a place without them.
Never buy these rods on impulse. Think about your style of fishing, come to SFTtackle and shake them. If your still uncertain, we can assist you with your selection. But be warned, once you convert to these rods nothing else will do.

Good Luck out there,


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