Tips for Fishing in the Summer

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Summer Fishing

Summer fishing is a must, but fishing in the heat can be down right miserable. When the temperature and humidity are both in the 90s, it can be extra tough to even be on the water. Luckily there are a few important steps that you can take to make sure that you're properly prepared for it and can find those bigger fish!

Be Protected

Summer Fishing: Sun Shirt

The first precaution that you must take to prepare for the heat is the sun. Not only will you get a nasty sunburn if you're not protected, but you'll also find yourself exhausted. Having the proper sun apparel will help you stay much cooler throughout the day and provide you with maximum protection from the sun.

Proper Sun Apparel

  1. A buff

Also known as a neck gator, is a great way to keep from having to apply sunscreen to your face. But it’s also a great way to keep yourself cool. Dump some cold water on the buff to lower your body temperature. Most, if not all of them, have a minimum SPF rating of 30, and are made with moisture-wicking material that is designed to be worn on hot days.

  1. Blue mirror sunglasses

Your eyes also need to be protected. If you’re on open water you’ll need a pair of blue mirror sunglasses. The blue mirror is designed to cut maximum glare off the water, and deliver the clearest vision in your area.

  1. Flat brim hat

Wearing a hat helps to amplify this by adding a layer of shade for your eyes in addition to your lenses. Like it or not, a flat brim hat might not be your style, but it will add more shade to your site than any other hat on the market. Even if it’s not your thing, it’ll really help you on the water. And you don’t have to wear it to the family BBQ. 

  1. Sun shirts

Sun shirts give you full protection on your arms without making you overheated or causing you to bother with the pesky hassle of sunscreen application. All of the pros wear long sleeve shirts during competition because they understand what a huge advantage this new SPF material offers. With many different options to choose from, it’s easy to find one that fits your budget and your style. 

  1. Sun gloves

Gloves that protect your hands from the sun are becoming a necessity. They offer both luxuries of coverage and open areas. This will help you manage to keep your hands out of the sun’s harmful rays while they hold fast to your rod too.

Avoid Sunscreen

Only someone insane would say that. But sunscreen has many negatives so why risk it? You can replace sunscreen with the proper sun apparel for protection as previously suggested. Sunscreen contains scents and oils that can make fish avoid your baits, especially in heavily pressured waters where the fish can associate the scent of sunscreen with an unpleasant experience. Skip the sunscreen and the reapplication process, and protect your skin with clothing. It will make for a much smoother day on the water.

Get An Early Start

This is the most underrated aspect of fishing in high heat. You really need to start as early as possible each day. Once the sun is high and the temps are over 90, finding good fish becomes very difficult. First thing in the morning the fish will be shallow and looking to eat. You can find success with topwater baits, lipless cranks, and even jerkbaits (yes that’s right, even when the water temps are over 90 degrees).

After the sun is high and temps have risen your best bet is to either switch to live bait, or to find the thermocline. The thermocline is the area in the lake where the warm water meets the cooler water. This is where the bigger fish will position themselves for the day.  Even big dock fish are not normally there for the entire day. They come in from that area to eat on smaller fish, then they return to their deeper grounds until they decide to feed again, or in some cases until nightfall. 

Want to learn more about fishing in other weather conditions like the rain? We have the best tips on how to handle wet weather and still catch a big hog. If have any questions about fishing gear, feel free to contact us or stop into our store.

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