The Quantum EXO PT Baitcaster

By SFT Staff April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

EXO - The Exoskeleton Design

Quantum releases the EXO PT baitcasting reel, where EXO stands for exoskeleton. One look and you will notice the skeleton type look of the reel. You'll see that the body of the reel is not solid, but instead has cut-outs at various points giving it a skeleton like appearance.

But the trick is to make sure the cut-outs are in areas that do not come under stress. What a concept and wow, does it ever work! By using a high-grade aluminum on the load bearing parts of the reel, and a composite material where as much strength isn't needed, and cut-outs in the rest of the areas, Quantum brings us a baitcasting reel that weighs in at just 5.9 oz.! But it is extremely durable. In fact a video on the Quantum web site show the reel put in a vice with over 1,000 lbs of force placed on it without breaking or damaging the reel. In a second video a 1/2 ton pickup truck runs over the reel without damaging it as well.

It doesn't stop at Lightweight and Strong

Other features of this reel include a super smooth ceramic drag. A little drag test you may want to try on one of your other reels is the Bill Dance test. Bill Dance sets the drag lightly and grabs the line on the reel. The reel, attached to a rod with the rod tip against the ground and the reel in the air, slowly falls to the ground in one steady smooth motion. No sticking or jerking as the line peels off the reel. This drag is exceptional and you will have no problems controlling or landing big fish with this drag system. The reel also comes with a quick release sideplate and and an easy to set centrifical cast control system. Simply rotate a dial to set this braking system. You will also get ultimate casting distance with this reel thanks to the high end bearings used in construction.

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