Rage Rods - Put to the Test

By George Acord - SFT Co-Owner April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rods tested: RC71MHXF and RC74HF

I was able to put some time together to enter the Everstart event on the Potomac River. It wasn’t a hard choice for me as this is one of my all time favorite destinations and the end of September generally finds fish gathered in bays near creek mouths and in the creeks themselves. Usually you’re in for a big catch and the big river lived up to expectations.

My plan included fishing grass with aggressive presentations such as spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and swim jigs. I put the RC71MHXF to work with a few different War Eagle spinnerbaits and the Revenge Viberator. I rigged this rod with a Shimano Chronarch and 50# Power Pro. The baits I was throwing ranged from 3/8oz. to 1/2oz. and with the braid I was able to cleanly pop them free from the milfoil. When St. Croix says extra fast action they mean it. The tip flexes in a very tight arc in a true extra fast taper. Very impressive. I also switched reels to a Curado spooled with #14 Gamma Fluorocarbon to see how the feel was with a less sensitive line. The feel was still there, maybe not as pronounced as an Avid but pretty close. I’d recommend this rod for the above applications as well as many more. I feel it’s a versatile stick. Check out the pic of the 25# Blue Cat that decided to eat my War Eagle on this rod! 

The Rage series features Pac Bay Minima guides. Basically the guide insert is some type of metal. What I really like about this are no more chipped or cracked guides. What an expensive and time-consuming problem that eliminates. Also, the guide set is semi-micro. So you get a lot of guides without a lot of weight. The blank for the Rage series is the same graphite as the Avid series and I found them to be similar in sensitivity. The reel seat is split so you have hand to blank contact and the handle is very unique. The handle is machined from a dense resin then a very thin neoprene skin is applied. I found the handle to be comfortable and on the days is rained I didn’t notice any grip issues.

The RC74HF is what I fished my 3/8oz. D&L swim jig on. I had this jig rigged with a Zoom Horny Toad and the action was fast and furious. I paired the 7’4” rod with a Curado loaded with 50# Power Pro. This made a good swim jig combo but it also worked well flippin’ a jig. I highly recommend this stick for both of those applications and I feel it would make a great frog rod also.

So after 6 long days on the Potomac I would have to give both models the thumbs up. If your in the market for a good mid priced stick and you want to be a little cutting edge, give the Rage series a look, I think you’ll be glad you did.

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