ICAST 2009 Part 5 - Pure Fishing Gets it Right Again

By SFT Staff April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Pure Fishing again rolled out a stellar line up. What follows are a few products we were impressed with.

Abu Garcia Vendetta Rods - Here is a series of rods even the most discriminating bassmaster will find interesting. In what is becoming the latest trend in rods, outstanding value, Abu delivers huge. When I tell you Mike and I were impressed, what I mean is you will have a hard time NOT buying one of these. The actions and power ratings are right. The rods are very light, and they sport an awesome handle design. Now for the kicker, they are $79.95 to $89.95. Availability is Mid-August.

Abu Garcia's Re-Designed Revos - The Revo Premier, Revo STX, Revo SX, and Revo S have received a few upgrades.

  • The Premier will now feature the Infini Brake system (used on the Pflueger Patriarch), a swept handle, new EVA knobs, and 9 HPCR bearings. The Infini Brake system is a centrifugal brake and a linear magnetic brake for quick adjustments. The reel still remains incredibly light at 6.7 oz. Also addressed was the drag issue of a little slippage at full drag. Now this reel makes 20# of drag to eliminate any slippage at max setting. The price jumped a little to $279.99. Availability is mid-October.
  • The Revo STX received the Infini Brake system as well as the swept handle. The price did not change (still $199.99). Availability is mid-October.
  • The Revo SX also gets a tune-up. Now featuring a faster free spool called Infini II. Also tweaked is the Linear Magnetic Brake system (features a stronger magnet) for more range. Like it’s counterparts the SX also received a swept handle and new graphics. The price stays the same and availability is mid-October.
  • The Revo S has received an upgrade to its cast control. Using the new Pitch system Revo S users will notice longer casts and better backlash control with less adjusting. The Pitch system is a centrifugal design where 3 of the brakes are spring loaded and 3 are traditional free sliding. The spring-loaded brakes only engage at high RPM’s (initial portion of a cast). On the last half of a cast they disengage to provide more distance. In essence an on demand system. Revo S will be available mid-October and its price will remain unchanged.

As you can see, Abu is making a major push in 2010. Combining technological designs with outstanding value we think you will want to check them out. Rest assured as soon as this product is available, we will bring it to you.

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