ICAST 2009 Part 2 - Ima and Deps...taking it one step farther

By SFT Staff April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today we bring you Part 2 of our Icast 2009 series as we take a look at Ima and Deps baits we have come to love, and now we are lovin' em even more. Whether new or newly updated, you'll want to see everything they have to offer. Let's start with the Rattlin' Roumba being held by Fred Roumbanis in the picture above.

Ima Rattlin' Roumba:
One of the best wake/super shallow baits on the market will soon be available in a noisy version. This bait appears to have been done right with a tiny hollow rattle as opposed to a deep knock type. Available in six new colors including Gold Black back w/ Orange belly, Fire Tiger and Double Cheeseburger. Double Cheeseburger is one of those custom colors you hear talked about in the specialty shops. Well we are hear to tell you this is one you will want in your box. Availability of the Rattlin' Roumba is approximately August 1.

The Ima Big Stick:
This is a bait designed to provide a big profile and a lot of noise to attract both big bass and stripers. Think Blueback Herring spawn and Pencil Popper and you'll see what we mean. The color selection on this bait is not yet finalized and it's availability is tentatively Janurary 1.

The Ima Flit 100:
A smaller profile and a slightly shallower running depth combine to fill an important spot in your box. Spring and fall smallmouth anglers need this bait. Spring largemouth anglers will find this bait important for fishing over shallow grass. The Flit 120 flat out catches fish and we should expect no less from the new 100. Look for this bait November 1.

Deps Hard Belly Bassrisky:
Here is a new twist on a proven bait. The new Bassrisky features a hard belly plate. This tweaked Bassrisky maintains all of it's bass catching action and is available in six new colors. Availability is approximately November 1.

The MLT Rat'n Rat:
This is a bait that is catchin' good fish now and available July 27. This rat look-a-like is the real deal. Pro Staffer Capt. Karl Bunch and clients have been making good catches on the Rat'n Rat for several weeks now. Ratin' Rat Available Now. The Rat'n Rat is available in five colors.

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