HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon... When Money is on the Line

By Jeff Connella, BASS Elite Pro, SFT Pro-Staff April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The only direct link between fisherman and fish is the line. This fact makes line choice one of the most important decisions a fisherman can make. After trying many fluorocarbon lines over the years, I have determined HI-SEAS makes the strongest, most abrasive resistant fluorocarbon line on the market. On top of this, HI-SEAS fluorocarbon line has less memory than any other fluorocarbon line, which is an inherent problem with fluorocarbon. Another interesting fact is that HI-SEAS fluorocarbon is leader grade material. Most companies sell leader grade fluorocarbon in small spools of 25 yards which is typically very expensive. Not HI-SEAS, they have been able to manufacture a 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line with leader like strength and abrasion resistance, but still be the softest and most manageable fluorocarbon line on the market today.

I started using HI-SEAS after having some problems with fish breaking my line using another major company's brand. I switched exclusively to HI-SEAS Fluorocarbon Line the last 6 events of the BASS Elite Series Events last year. I went on to finish in the money 5 of the last 6 events. This is after not cashing a check in the first 5 events. I use fluorocarbon line for about 80% of all my fishing. You can believe that I spool up with HI-SEAS, because for me, the money IS on line!

Also, check out some of their other lines such as the new Wildfire braid, a great line for ripping lipless crankbaits thru the grass. Good luck and hope to see you on the water.

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