Finding Fishing Patterns with Rising Water After a Full Moon

By Corbin Gotwalt April 13, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

fishing patterns

Last weekend we had rising water and a full moon. Water temperatures ranged from 41 to 46 degrees over the weekend. During this time, we caught a bunch of fish, but had some slow periods throughout the day. While out on the water, we noticed that there were two patterns you want to be aware of when you are fishing in this kind of weather.

1st Pattern - Finding the Current Breaks

We fished anywhere there was slower water near current breaks. Fish were moving to the banks and particularly loaded on the west banks due to higher water, and cleaner water feeding in from creek mouths. Recognize those current breaks and you will find the fish.

Best Bait to Use in Slow Water

We caught fish on Z-man TRD, TRD Hogz, TRD TubeZ in The Deal, Green Pumpkin, and Black Blue. We also caught fish on Mizmo Bass Teasers 2.75 inch tubes with the SFT weedless head by throwing this up to the bank and brush. Black Red Neon was our best color.

2nd Pattern - Hitting the Clean Creeks and Creek Mouths

Fish were caught in the cleaner water and creek mouths with similar baits as the first pattern, but the cleaner water presented a better opportunity to catch fish on jerkbaits.

Best Jerkbait to Use in Clear Waters

When heading out to clear waters, use the Jackall Squad Minnow Chartreuse Shad, Luckycraft Pointer 100 Chartreuse Shad, and the Megabass Vision OneTen Silent in Tennessee Shad.

Lastly, I used the new G Loomis E6X rod the entire day this past weekend. This rod is incredible for the price range. Clients loved it, and it really made the difference in getting the fish in the boat and driving the hook into the fish's mouth in the nasty cover with 8 lb Seaguar InvisX Flourocarbon fishing line

The bite on the river is hot during these conditions. Keep in mind that we have plenty of openings for guide trips left this spring season! Contact us to book your trip today.


Corbin Gotwalt has had a summer cabin on the Susquehanna River since he was born. This local knowledge has pushed him into the guiding business. Corbin is always fishing the latest and greatest techniques and is constantly catching big fish. By targeting big fish, it has allowed him to perfect the
details of many techniques resulting in increased quantity and quality of fish. In addition to being a guide, Corbin also participates in local fishing tournaments.

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