Double Cheeseburger Please!

By SFT Staff April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

SFT Pro Staffer Captain Karl Bunch has been known for his creativity when it comes to lure development and color combinations. Last year he showed us how to super charge the Roumba wake bait with the tail from a Double Diamond swimbait. This modification created a strong vibe and showed the fish something very few are doing. It was more than enough to bring quality fish into the boat. This year Ima announced the all new Rattlin' Roumba, a noisy version of the standard Roumba. Only Captain Karl had talked to the designers about incorporating a new color in the line-up called Double Cheeseburger.

Obviously I was wondering where the color name Double Cheeseburger came from and this is what Karl had to say: "My Anglers Choice Team Tournament partner (Stan Zach) from my tournament days & myself developed the Double Cheeseburger Color for the Tidal waters of the East Coast. How the name came about is a funny & interesting story. We would take the hooks & split rings off of our crankbaits & Stan would give them to a young man that he worked with that liked to air brush paint & luckily for us this young man wanted us to teach him how to bass fish. We wanted a name that would not be easy to figure out the color, so one day this young man was fishing with us and said that every time he was painting this particular color it made him hungry for a double cheeseburger, so the color "Double Cheeseburger" was born!"

Captain Karl had a feeling this color would be a hit and it looks like he was right. Just a couple of weeks ago the Double Cheeseburger Roumba brought him and his partner Dave Kilby (another SFT Pro Staffer) a Win and Lunker at one of the local Wednesday night "3 Fer" tournaments. Rigged with a Chartreuse Double Diamond tail, the Roumba was also a valuable tool in catching many of their other fish as well as the Ima Shaker crankbait in the Chartreuse Blue Back color. They caught a total of 11 fish during the 3 hour tournament and their 3 fish limit weighed in at 10.5 lbs.

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