Do Spawing Carp Scare Away the Bass?

By Pete Gluszek April 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Bass fishing at the flats continues to be incredible this season. Following the spawn, large sacks of largemouth bass were being hooked in the grass beds. However this is often when carp start to spawn inside the grassy regions. Those carp trigger a serious uproar and lots of people believe that they scare these fish away from the grass , however this is not correct! The thrashing will produce a large amount of disturbance as well as muddy the water, nevertheless don’t allow that to move you from the grass. As a result of my personal experience I've discovered the breeding carp may actually assist the largemouth bass fishing. Just how can that come to be?

Understand that having success anytime you are bass fishing requires the ability to observe the food chain and influencing the food chain is precisely what these carp do. During the spawn a substantial amount of carp eggs basically adhere to the grass stalks and canopy. This is going to attract all forms of baitfish to feed on this large quantity of eggs, including perch, smaller sized catfish, crawfish and various other baitfish. Actually, if you're around water clear enough, you may observe groups of yellow perch following these spawning carp. They will feast upon the eggs as soon as they will be laid down.

This process of baitfish eating carp eggs sequentially lures in largemouth. Numerous bass enjoy it since they have got a smorgasbord of food; the baitfish. That is why, you see, the bass angling can be spectacular during this time. Learning the food chain should be the initial step to understand the bass. A successful fisherman must also check the tides, comprehend a variety of grass and recognize just what baits and methods match up to any particular situation. This is a challenge that you will be constantly piecing together, but once it comes together, you'll find some incredible largemouth bass fishing around the Chesapeake Bay.

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