Boat Maintenance

By Ed Gardner, SFT Pro Staffer, G-Loomis, Mare October 19, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Performing routine boat maintenance on your boat means you’ll get a longer lifespan out of it. We want you to be on the water every chance you get and not sidelined by something that could have been prevented. I have developed my own simple maintenance regiment that takes minimal effort and makes boat ownership a lot more manageable. When thinking about boat maintenance always remember the six P's: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Taking Care of the Hull

Taking care of the hull is something that can be done at the beginning and end of the season. When you pull out your boat for the season or are winterizing it, put on a few coats of quality marine wax, I prefer the 3M High Performance. Consider using a sealant. I use Pro-Tec clear coat sealant/polish it helps keep scum lines to a minimum. During the season, if you are having trouble getting rid of scum lines stop scrubbing. Instead of breaking your back scrubbing try Starbrite EZ-On EZ-OFF to make your work easier. Just brush on and squirt off. Remember that it’s an acid, so take care not to get it on your trailer.

The Fuel System

Before you begin, read your owner’s manual before doing anything if your fuel system. That way you will have a proper understanding of just what should and what shouldn’t be used on the system. I personally, run a Mercury. There are 2 simple requirements I practice with fuel maintenance. First off, I use Carbon guard which controls carbon build-up. Afterwards I use a fuel system cleaner, my preference is Quickleen, and add it to every other tank. If your boat sits for more than a couple of weeks plan on adding a stabilizer in your gas based on the recommended amount. 

Flushing Your Engine

Every time you take your boat out on the water when you return it’s important that you flush your motor afterwards. Your motor can accidently suck up sand or dirt during use and this will keep it running smoothly all year round. Using a hose adapter to flush the motor is one of the easiest ways to take care of this. Many boats on today’s market even have hookups for a hose on the inside or outside of the motor casing.

Topping off the Oil

Always use the oil your manufacture suggests, what might seem as savings now could lead to problems in the long run. While your topping off the oil, open your battery boxes and check all connections, greasing them where needed. Cleanliness goes a long way, so get all that grime off the hoses, pumps and bilge. Put a bar of LAVA soap in the bilge area at beginning of the season and leave it.

We’d love to hear your own maintenance routine. Perhaps you can expand upon one of our steps or have a product that works every time. Catch us over on our Facebook page and share your thoughts!

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