October 2017

6 Must Have Tools for Every Tackle Box

By Brett Hart October 30, 2017 No comments

Every angler needs a good selection of tools in his or her tackle box. Make sure that you are ready for whatever the water will bring you by having the right tools on hand.

1. Needle Nose Pliers

A good pair of needle nose pliers will help you with any task you might be faced with on the water. Whether you are taking out trebble hooks from a hard bait or helping your fishing buddy get out a deep hooked fish.  If you ever had a trebble stuck in your hand from a bass shaking wildly, you will know the importance of what it means to have a good pair of needle nose pliers.  We recommend the Shimano Brutus Line of pliers and the Rapala Fisherman’s Pliers. These pliers will perform under all the conditions you could face while out on the water.

2. Weighing Scale

When you make a nice catch, it sure is great to know exactly what that lunker weighs in at. To do that, we recommend the Berkley Tournament Scale or any of the Rapala scales. We prefer the Rapala Mechanical Scale or the Rapala High Contrast Digital Scale. Starting at $27.99 there is a perfect scale for every liar.

3. Culling Buoys

We all hope to have to use them. To make the culling job easy we recommend the Cal Coast Clip-N-Cull and the TH Marine G-Force Conservation Cull System. These are great for the states where you cannot pierce the fish.

4. Scissors

You might be thinking, what? Why and how is having something like scissors in my tackle box important. Well let me tell you, I use my pair of Culprit Braid Blades almost as much as I do the needle nose pliers, if not more. A good pair of braid cutting scissors will make your day. We also like the Mustad Braid Scissors. Both recommendations will cut braid with ease.

5. Split Ring Pryers

You may be the guy or gal who fishes with stock hooks and then has a hissy fit when bubba gets away. Changing out the hook is a must do task. You might be whacking the bass on a crank bait and over time your hooks become bent or may have even broken off. What do you need to do? Change out your hooks. To do so, you will want to grab the Texas Tackle SSplit-Ring Pryers. These pryers will assist and keep you from fumbling around with your hook like you have all thumbs for fingers.  

6. Fish Gripper

The Rapala Floating Fish Gripper will help keep you safe. When trying to get a hook out of a fish’s lip, you take out the fish gripper, attach it to the mouth, and keep your fingers out of the way. At the very least, when dealing with a fish with trebbles flying everywhere, this tool will keep you safe. Another plus is it can be used with tool number two and makes weighing your fish a breeze.

There you have it. With all of these tackle box tools, you will surely have everything you need to make your fishing trip fun and successful. Whether it’s a gift for him, her, or yourself, these tools will not disappoint. Check out our current specials from time to time and see what products you can snag up!