August 2017

3 Tips to Catch Big Fish on a Hot Day

By Brett Hart August 23, 2017 No comments

August Fishing


August can really bring the heat, and if you are out there on the water, you know that catching a fish during this time of year can be hard. Good news for you is that we have three tactics and baits to help you catch the big bass you’ve been waiting to snag all summer long.

Tip #1 – Carolina Rigging

Ahh, Carolina rigging. Carolina rigging is a technique that all anglers should be aware of and one that is specific for finding fish that are hiding deep down in the water. Watch this instructional rigging video to see exactly how to set up your Rig. Once you have your rig, you will want to make sure that your leader is somewhere between 24 to 36 inches long. This will allow your bait to swim freely with a finesse look. Some cover like rocks will want a shorter leader and other structure like grass or brush piles may like a longer leader.

Recommendation: For your Carolina rig, just about any creature bait or plastic bait is okay to attach to the hook. With that said though, our favorite baits are the Zoom Brush Hog and the Zoom Centipede (similar to what is featured in the instructional video).

Tip #2 – Drop Shotting

Another great technique for getting your bait down into the deep parts of the water is drop shotting. With this technique, you are setting your hook on the line somewhere between 8 to 36 inches above the weight that is attached to your main line. This rig keeps your bait up off the bottom and in the fishes face.  This rig is a more of a finesse technique and a spinning rod with light line is key.

Recommendation: Two highly recommended baits that are perfect for drop shotting are the Straight RoboWorm and the Reins 4” Bubbling Shaker.

Tip #3 – Where to Cast

When the sun is blazing hot outside, the fish want to take cover and go as far away from it as possible. What you want to do is capitalize on their position and get your bait as deep into the water as you can. The best way to do this is to use a deep diving crankbait. With a deep diving crankbait you can get 10 to 20 feet or more under the water.

Your bait and rigs mean nothing if you aren’t throwing your line into the right areas. When you hit the water, look for areas that show a deep edge along the grass line also search for rocks that may be piled up on the bottom because fish are likely to take cover in the crevices or shade to stay cool. Brush piles and ledges also create a cool haven for fish on hot summer days by adding an extra level of protection from the sun. Fish love to migrate to these areas and hide out during the extreme heat of the day as the sun makes its way across the sky. One major key find the bait and you will find the fish.

Recommendation: Once you find an area similar to any of the ones described above, use one of the aforementioned rigs you tied up or hook up the Strike King Series Five Crankbait. Make long casts and crank the series 5 or 6 down and vary speeds until you start getting bites. 

Now that you have all the insight needed, prepare to catch some big bass! For great deals on the baits mentioned above, check out our upcoming Labor Day Sale. The sale will be online and in stores over the Labor Day weekend. More details will be coming to the store events page soon.