July 2017

5 Summer Lures and Tackle Tactics

By Brett Hart July 24, 2017 No comments

Summer is here and the water is heating up. This means the big bass are heading deep down into the cooler water and away from the warmer surfaces. Below you will find five of the top lures to use in this summer heat and the tactics you need for a big catch.

Yamamoto Senko Worm
Heddon Zara Spook
Kopper’s Live-Target Frog
Bomber BD8 Deep Fat Free Shad
Reactions Innovation Sweet Beaver

Tackle Tactics to Catch a Big Bass

Tactic 1 – Think like a fish

It is no secret that with the increasing temperatures, bass begin to look for a cool area to relax while the water heats up. When you head out to your favorite fishing spot, think like a fish. If you were a fish, where would you go to find cool water? Are there clusters of trees shading the water or sections with brush and weeds? These cool areas can be described as heavy cover. Look for summer weed beds, riverbanks, rock coverings, and any other areas of water shaded by the sun. If you see an area of water with this description, there will most likely be some big bass hanging out there.

Tactic 2 – Choose the right bait

To get into these thick and deep areas, you will want the right bait. This is where the bait suggestions that are mentioned above should be taken for a spin. These baits and lures can be fished through thick weed beds and with heavy weights sink low into the cooler water where the big hogs reside. Having the right set up is key to reaching deep into the water to find the bigger bass. Heavy grass equals heavy weights. 

Tactic 3 – Fish meticulously

When it is hot, bass are inactive and sedentary. Big bass will not be seen gallivanting around the warm water and this means you must go to them. Make sure you are combing the waters and fishing all the possible shaded areas very thoroughly. You don’t know what is lurking deep down in the water and it us up to you to find out.

For extremely helpful in-person tips for catching big bass, come and visit us on August 12th and meet Ish Monroe as he leads a free seminar where he discusses his best fishing tips and techniques. For more details on this event, visit our store events page. If you have any questions, contact us