June 2008

Captain Karl's Upper Bay/Susquehanna Flats Fishing Report

By Captain Karl Bunch, SFT Pro-Staff, Guide June 25, 2008 No comments

Welcome Aboard! The fishing on the Upper Bay/Susquehanna Flats just continues to get HOTTER! Everyday, with the grass growing & some really good thick/matted-up grass beds forming the summer pattern is off to a good start. Our best pattern has been targeting the thickest grass beds we can find. We are using the Poppin Furbit Frog (Black) color to call the Big Lunkers up out of these grass beds. The Black color is working for us all day long.

Swimbaits are just incredible; we are using the new Optimum Baits Double Diamond soft swimbait. For this technique we are rigging it with a weighted hook & Fishing it much like we do with a spinnerbait in the grass, just ticking the top of the grass as it swims thru these grass beds. The tail on these swimbaits has an action that the bass just cannot resist. Our most productive colors have been the Hitch, Pearl Shad, Sunfish and Chartreuse Shad. We are also using the Double Diamond to fish the edge of the grass which has proved to be very effective on the low tide.

Our best action and best quality fish using both of these baits has been on the 2nd half of the outgoing tide.

We are applying CB’s Hawg Sauce to all of our baits in the Bass Honey & new Shad flavor about every 15 cast’s. 

Thanks & Good Fishing, Capt. Karl