SFTtackle.com Pro Staffer Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott has been an SFT Pro-Staff member since 2007 and his goal in fishing has always been to improve his skills as a successful tournament bass angler and promote his sponsors and supporters in a professional manner.

His wife Elaine and children Josh (22) and Becky (19) are a big part of his life as well.  Bill is the Owner of Southern Auto Tech (Shrewsbury, PA), an automotive repair facility and custom performance center.

He also serves as Assistant to the Director of U.S. Angler’s Choice Region 4 Tournament Trail.

Bass Fishing Strengths - Bill enjoys power fishing, particularly flipping and pitching soft plastics around docks, rocks, trees and grass. He prides himself on successfully adapting to different situations when they occur, and has found that paying attention to details such as boat position, water movement, temperature changes and electronics interpretation improve his tournament success.

Recent Tournament Success:

WalMart BFL
-2008 -11th place overall in NE Division U.S. Angler’s Choice Region 4
-2007..1 win, 5 top 10 finishes, over $2000 in winnings
-2008..2 wins, 14 top 10 finishes, over $6000 in winnings