BassMedics is an Outdoor Specialty Products Brand that produces Rejuvenade, which has become the standard for livewell formulas

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  1. BassMedics Rejuvinade

    BassMedics Rejuvinade


    Bassmedics Rejuvenade Next Generation is patent pending formulation of essential components, scientifically formulated to address problems associated with the catch and release of bass and other gamefish in tournament situations. It revitalizes, replenishes and re-energizes bass and gamefish preparing them for release. By replacing lost energy and helping to return proper balance to the fish's system, it helps decrease recovery time and also helps to increase the survival rates of bass and gamefish caught and held during tournament angling. Rejuvenade® Next Generation contains only food grade dyes (FD&C Blue #1) and human food and animal feed grade nutritional and dietary supplements. Rejuvenade® Next Generation is conveniently packaged in 290 gram jars, just mix one cap per 20 gallons of livewell water and you will be amazed at the results! Rejuvenade® Next Generation has become the number one livewell formula/additive on tours across the United States and is the exclusive livewell product for all FLW Outdoors Tournament Trails in the U.S. Rejuvenade® Next Generation is a proactive livewell formula that revitalizes and rejuvenates bass, redfish, walleye and other fresh and saltwater gamefish under tournament conditions. Learn More

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