Bass Assassin is a producer of bass fishing soft baits, swimbaits, and more.

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Bass Assassin

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  1. Rainbow Shad

    Bass Assassin Boss Shiner

    Starting at: $4.99

    The Bass Assassin Boss Shiner has been built to bring in the big fish! These swimbaits are designed to create a realistic and enticing action. They feature a ribbed body, which tapers down to a large paddle tail. The ribbed body will help create a better action, more water movement and help to produce bubbles in the water. The large tail is what help make this look realistic while swimming back or falling down. The large size of the tail also helps create a fish catching action no matter what speed your retrieving at.

    5 baits per pack

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  2. Houdini

    Bass Assassin Elite Shiner

    Starting at: $3.99

    Here is another great addition to the Bass Assassin Swim Bait collection. The Bass Assassin Elite Shiner Swim Bait is the perfect bait for bass and it also works wonders on other large game fish! They feature a medium sized paddle tail that gives it a superior tight wiggling action and is made of Bass Assassin's super soft plastic. These are infused with the B.A.N.G. Scent Formula Attractant.

    8 per pack.

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