Anglr is the developer of the Anglr Tracker, one of the most innovative fishing technologies in a long time!

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  1. Anglr Tracker

    Anglr Tracker

    Starting at: $129.99

    The Anglr Tracker is an innovative way to log the details of every one of your fishing trips! The Tracker device mounts universally to any fishing rod. The Tracker captures your location, catch, and conditions. Smart sensors are able to detect casting, reeling, hooking, and fighting. All information is automatically sent to the Free Anglr App, which you can view on your smartphone. This is basically a fitbit for fishing!

    Use the information gathered from the tracker to determine which baits worked best in which conditions (wind, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, cloud coverage, precipitation, water flow, water temperature, gauge, and tide). Review past trips through easy to read charts with the mobile and premium Anglr Xperience Web App.

    The Anglr Tracker comes with 1 Anglr Tracker sensor, 2 rod mounts, a charging dock, 6 rubber mount rings, and 12 months access to the Anglr Premium Xperience App! The Xperience App gives you in depth data tracking and data storage so you can go back and view information from all of your past fishing trips including everywhere that you caught fish, what species you caught, what bait you used, weather conditions, and more!

    The Tracker syncs wirelessly with Bluetooth smart phones. It weighs just 0.7 oz. and measures at 2.95 in L x .50 in W x .55 in H

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  2. Anglr Xperience App 1 Year Membership Gift Card

    Anglr Xperience App 1 Year Membership Gift Card

    Starting at: $49.99

    The Anglr Xperience App allows you to get the most out of all of your fishing experiences! Store data from every fishing trip so you can see what tackle worked best in what conditions and look back to see every spot where you caught a fish at every location where you fished. It will even keep track of what species you caught. The Xperience App keeps minute-by-minute data of everything! View maps that show pins where you caught fish, view in depth data on the dashboard, create charts, and more!

    Unlike the free Anglr App, the Xperience App stores unlimited data to give you a bigger picture of all of your fishing trips. This is the perfect companion to the Anglr Tracker, but you can also enter data manually if you don't have the Tracker yet. This is the absolute best way to be able to keep track of and analyze all of your fishing activities!

    The Anglr Xperience App gift card gives a full year of access to the Xperience App.

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